Altro Safety Flooring

The Brief

ALTRO Australia was ‘bidding’ to the corporate head office in the United Kingdom to assume responsibility for the development of campaigns (with Shape) that could be customised to each country in which its products are distributed. The challenge was to develop a global marketing campaign concept for ALTRO that would demonstrate innovative messaging and positioning of the ALTRO brand.

The Solution

Shape developed a storyline using a young woman juggling a busy life as an architect, mother and carer, placing her in a variety of everyday environments (segments) such as sport, aged care and hospitality, where ALTRO’s products are specified. We photographed her in these surroundings, showing her at work, having coffee, with her daughter, and visiting her mother to demonstrate typical applications of ALTRO products on walls and floors.

The Outcome

Shape developed a series of storyboards explaining the concept and a short video was produced from still photography with the addition of motion graphics and the Beatles soundtrack, Places, to add a touch of emotion to the video. The 2-minute video encapsulated the suitability of a wide range of products for a variety of market segments and the use of a ‘real’ storyline was highly engaging to the audience.

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